A cat that makes it a good news day every time

The Pandemic News Cat

When people in all sorts of jobs starting working from home last year, I soon discovered a genuine perk.

We got to see what people’s offices or homes looked like. I do enjoy ogling the inside of people’s homes. Since bookshelves are common backdrops, we now got to see what books they loved (or if they’ve written a book or two, their books always seemed to be facing front and center), what kind of wall decor they have, and any number of other random things they choose to show in the TV frame.

Yes, seeing the insides of people’s homes…

Some days…

Then I got distracted by a bird

I hate snakes. I mean, they’ve never done anything to me personally. I’ve never been attacked by one. No snake has ever bitten me. I just hate them on principle.

I know I’m not alone.

And I hate mice even more. But snakes eat mice so you’d think I’d like snakes a lot for that little factoid. But I don’t.

I digress.

A Snake In My Yard!

I was doing some yard work this morning and left my gate open. Ooops!

The next thing I know, a snake had ventured inside the gate. I jumped as high as this old body allows and scurried away…

Bowlaway, Mennonite in a Little Black Dress, Book Woman of Troublesome Creek, I’ll Be Seeing You… More than I thought!

I have a lot of things I don’t really like to do but there are thankfully a few that I really like doing.

Reading is one of the things I like to do.

I’m not the fastest reader, by a long shot. In fact I’ve often felt like a loser for how slow I read, but then I read about someone who has the same un-super power and she embraces it. I’m trying.

The Books I Read in January

I ended up reading four books in January, so that’s one a week. Not bad. I count books I finish in a month as being read in…


It’s simple — be productive and stay busy

If you’re like me, you have to fight procrastination. I mean, sure, it’s fun to procrastinate. Just look at a few ways I personally procrastinate:

There’s killing time playing Candy Crush instead of working. But this form of procrastination sometimes makes my carpal tunnel flare up and my finger just gets so sore! Is it really worth it?

Sometimes I spend time reading a book instead of making that important, but boring, phone call to the DMV, the insurance company, the bank, you get the picture. …


But I promise you, it’s not what or where you might think

As I walked around this morning after my morning constitutional, I felt something on the bottom of my shoes. After removing my clodhoppers — read: tennis shoes — I turned them over and saw the culprits.

Because I live in the Arizona desert, when I walk off trail — read: in the dirt — I pick up all manner of stickers and thorns in the soles of my shoes. See the photo above for the assortment of crap I pulled out of the bottom of my shoes with tweezers just hours ago.

Tweezers, Not Just for Eyebrows

Big hairy eyebrows are all the rage these…


Well, I’ve seen them or been in the same room as them

I can’t tell you the number of famous people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

That’s mostly because I haven’t really met any. So shoot me.

But What About Those Authors You’ve “Met”?

Oh yeah. I’m a big reader and love to go hear authors speak about their writing process and to hear their voices and look at them in person. You know, to see the weirdness they have, because we all are weirdos.

So, in this case, yeah, I’ve met a boatload of famous people. Name drop? Who me? Okay, sure. You twisted my arm.

Here’s who — and what — I remember:

Ann Rule —…


And I Might Sell it on Etsy

One Man’s Junk

I recently went to one of the few thrift stores that’s open in my area.

They feature a bunch of crap outside before you head into the store (with a required mask and social distancing, or I wouldn’t shop there).

This outside area has a few tables set up, and junk is stacked high. I saw a couple of old hammers, scuffed plastic shoe boxes, a box of ugly fabric bundles, as well as at least one hundred other random things that didn’t make the cut. Read: They were too junky to go in the main store.

One of these…

Or so they think, but these people are still stupid…trust me

Just a quick note that the image shown above is not stupid. This image shows why physical distancing is so important.

When someone coughs and you’re right there, yeah, like it or not, they cough on you.

So the message here is “Stay the hell back, man!” And I might add, “Wear a friggin’ mask, dude!”

No, that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about stupid memes I see on the site that starts with an F and ends with Book. The ridiculous, self righteous memes are generally…

But do the ingrates even notice?

I just took this photo of my toaster crumb tray because each time I carefully slid the tray out of my son’s toaster I didn’t waste time taking a pic. I knew emptying / cleaning the toaster crumb tray was a task my son, daughter-in-law, and two grandkids never gave a second (or first) thought to.

So, I tried to do this little tidying up job at least once in a while, if not every time, I visited. Sometimes one of my grandkids saw me and stared, but I pretended like it was just…

Or how I kill time making crap from crap I have on hand

Lately I’m running out of shit to do. Sure, I can list stuff in my Etsy shop, but sales have slowed. For two months (April and May) my shop was cooking with gas. Sales exploded. Then they didn’t.

I guess the combination of people staying home, stores being closed, and getting a fat check in the mail (or direct to their bank accounts) may have had something to do with the free-wheeling spending that was going on.

I don’t know. But I do know that when June hit, my sales took a hit. That’s totally unmotivating to me, so like…

Peggy Gillespie Hazelwood

What, me work? Yeah, okay. Writer, editor, photographer, reseller. Owned by a cute, fluffy cat.

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